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Thanks to our forever families for sharing!

Every now and then, we get feedback from our forever families about the puppies we have placed with them.  This comes from Victoria, about her puppy from Bettys Kennels in 2015:

"Hi, I don't know if you remember us, but we bought Kari from you last year and we wanted to kind of give you an update on her.  We changed her name to Chloe Joy, and she is amazing. She travels with us, she thinks she's a big dog, and snores like a man! She's grown up with my son this past year he's 4 months older than she is and is my sons best friend, I've never once had to scold her about biting, scratching, or chewing, we got extremely lucky for finding you and her. We want to thank you for giving us such a great girl, we are also talking about getting another in the future, and if we do we will definitely call you first.  Thank you so much."

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